New satcom strategy to support the mobile journalist

18 April 2016: Inmarsat has detailed its strategy for addressing the mobile journalism and broadcasting market worldwide, and is featuring its first transcontinental live demonstration of the high quality broadcast capabilities of Global Xpress (GX) during NAB in Las Vegas, with a live broadcast from Rio de Janeiro via GX.

Following the successful launch of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress service for broadcasters last month, combined with an enhanced portfolio of L-band newsgathering solutions, Inmarsat has committed to a renewed focus on the media and broadcast sector.

In conjunction with its channel partners and third party software and service providers, Inmarsat will deliver a new generation of enhanced, tailored solutions for mobile journalists, broadcasters and content creators.

Rapidly evolved

“The broadcast and media market has rapidly evolved over the last few years,” said Daniel Cooper, Head of Media, Inmarsat.

“The definition of who and what a ‘media company’ is has significantly broadened too with a host of internet-based services providing a new source of news and information, alongside mainstream news and broadcasting organisations.

“We’re also in conversations with newer media markets, like eSports, live streamers of music and sporting events and many more.

New generation

“With our range of global satellite services now augmented through the inclusion of high-speed broadband from Global Xpress, we can serve more than just the traditional broadcast companies.

“Whether it’s HD-ready live news broadcasting, pocket-sized smart device connectivity solutions for bloggers and citizen journalists, or our reliable backpack-sized broadcasting solutions over BGAN and BGAN HDR, or even reliable connectivity to serve the new generation of content creators, Inmarsat is ready.”