New FleetBroadband Multi-voice options enhance crew welfare

A NEW capability has been launched that allows up to nine simultaneous calls through a single FleetBroadband terminal and separates crew communications from bridge operations.

FleetBroadband Multi-voice lets crew make personal calls in greater privacy using pre-paid cards and ensures essential communications on the bridge are not disrupted.

There are currently two ways to access FleetBroadband Multi-voice.

Vocality hardware
Thrane & Thrane Sailor FleetBroadband terminal users require a firmware upgrade and additional handsets for a fully-integrated solution.

Users of other FleetBroadband terminals can purchase new PBX hardware developed for FleetBroadband Multi-voice by application provider Vocality.

Vocality's compact Basics Multivoice device is used alongside the FleetBroadband terminal to access the additional voice lines.

Multi-voice packages
There are two FleetBroadband Multi-voice packages:

Standard: provides three additional three voice lines via a single FleetBroadband 150, 250 or 500 terminal, giving the ability to access up to four simultaneous voice calls.

Enhanced: FB250 and FB500 terminal users can scale up from the Standard package to a total of eight additional lines, giving the ability to access up to nine simultaneous voice calls.

Superior service
“FleetBroadband Multi-voice is a unique integrated solution that maintains Inmarsat's well-earned reputation for high-quality voice,” said Frank Coles, president, Inmarsat Maritime.

“It offers a far superior service to internet calling solutions, and is more cost-effective than accessing multiple voice calls on a standard VSAT.

“This new capability increases the value of FleetBroadband, and ensures that the service is future-proofed for a vessel's growing communications needs.”

FleetBroadband Multi-voice:
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Vocality Basics Multivoice: