FleetBroadband helps vessel navigate safely through storms

13 October 2014: Colombian president and former naval officer, Juan Manuel Santos, welcomed the new combat ship ARC Nariño after its journey halfway around the world through treacherous weather conditions.

body_news13Oct14Thanks to Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband, the ship was able to navigate safely through Typhoon Halong off the coast of the Philippines, and Hurricane Odile, the most intense land-falling tropical cyclone to hit the Baja California peninsula in modern times.

The ship – commissioned by the Colombian Navy from South Korea – did not once lose voice and data connectivity during the entire 11,000 nautical miles from Port of Jinhae to Bahia Malaga in the Colombian Pacific.

‘Flawless’ communications

Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband system ensured reliable external communications while its uninterrupted internet and voice service allowed constant crew members to contact their families – even when the vessel was navigating the remotest expanses of the Pacific Ocean.

Most importantly, it allowed constant monitoring of conditions, enabling the crew to make timely navigational decisions.

“On behalf of the crew of the ARC Nariño, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Inmarsat, and in particular its Global Government unit, for providing the ARC Nariño with the operational and crew communications we needed to help keep us safe during an extremely dangerous journey,” said Captain Orlando A. Cubillos Chacón, Commanding Officer of ARC Nariño of the Colombian Navy.

“The FleetBroadband system performed flawlessly, and we look forward to having it continue to accompany us for many more journeys to come.”