Inmarsat supports seafarers during global health crisis

02 April 2020: In a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on seafarer well-being, Inmarsat has formalised a sweeping 50% discount for crew voice calling services – available for up to 40,000 ships until the end of June.

Inmarsat is ensuring that calls made to the SeafarerHelp service provided by welfare organisation ISWAN (International Seafarers’ Welfare Assistance Network) are available free of charge over the same period.  Inmarsat is also working with crew healthcare specialist Vikand and software platform provider FrontM to provide a free COVID-19 video call service with a trained health professional.

The voice call discount offer is available 24/7 from today for three months to Inmarsat retail customers using FleetBroadband ChatCard voice services and to wholesale partners offering FleetBroadband voice calls under the legacy Crew Calling SQT brand. Steps are also being taken to accelerate the launch of ChatCard services for Fleet Xpress, with an introductory discount.

Unprecedented situation

“We recognise the unprecedented situation facing seafarers as the global maritime industry responds to the challenges of COVID-19,” said Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Maritime. “The work of the maritime industry is more important than ever before, and essential to keeping global trade flowing and ensuring that vital supplies reach those in need.

“We have been providing free additional call time for ChatCard voice service users since February but we have also been talking and listening to ship owners and managers and long-standing partners such as ISWAN, Sailors’ Society, Seafarers UK, Mission to Seafarers and Apostleship of the Sea. It has become clear that, above all other forms of contact, being able to talk to family, friends and colleagues is critical for the health and well-being of seafarers during these difficult times.”

Ronald continued: “Today we are formalising the 50% discount for seafarer voice calls for three months. FleetBroadband retail customers are eligible immediately and even if they currently don’t use the ChatCard service, they can sign up today to provide the offer direct to their crews and we will make the process as easy as possible. We are also rolling this through to wholesale partners via our Crew Calling (SQT) service and strongly recommend they pass on the full saving to crew.”

Fast-track introduction

Through Inmarsat retail channels, the 50% discount is available to all users of the ChatCard service, which seafarers use for around 600,000 minutes every month. For reasons of transparency, tariffs for services through wholesale channels may vary because partners negotiate call termination costs separately with local networks.

Having previously scheduled the launch of ChatCard services via Fleet Xpress later in 2020, Inmarsat is making every effort to fast-track its introduction so that seafarers on the 8,500 plus Fleet Xpress-installed vessels who can already get unlimited high-speed data services are assured that high voice call use does not bring any additional financial burden.

Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress retail users will also be able to benefit immediately from the launch of a free of charge COVID-19 video call service with a trained health professional, specially developed in conjunction with crew health management solutions provider Vikand and software platform provider FrontM to help shipping cope with the impact of the crisis.

Real-time advice

Ronald explained: “This is a pro bono service over our dedicated bandwidth service, Fleet Connect, from one of our Certified Application Provider partners which allows the Master or Chief Officer to connect by video call to a trained health professional from Vikand offering real-time advice on the coronavirus, its symptoms and what to look out for.

“This is not a clinical care or emergency service, but it is a vital information resource to help crew at a difficult time for everyone. This will initially be rolled out for our Fleet Xpress retail base but we are very keen to provide this for our wholesale partners and will be reaching out to them over the next week on how this can be implemented.”

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