Inmarsat signs up new Fleet Data application provider

08 October 2019: Inmarsat is pleased to welcome IB Influencing Business as a dedicated application provider for Fleet Data, the first and only IoT platform for shipping from a satellite operator.

Developed in association with Danelec Marine, Fleet Data collects and pre-processes data from onboard sensors and uploads it to a central cloud-based database, equipped with a dashboard and an Application Process Interface (API). By simplifying data collection, software providers such as IB can focus on providing vessel performance software.

“We are delighted that IB will become a certified application provider for Fleet Data,” said Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Head of Digital Solutions, Inmarsat Maritime. “This partnership will help overcome key difficulties for those challenged by aggregating vessel data on-board and getting it efficiently onshore into an integrated Fleet Control room to improve performance.

Secure platform

“It will allow ship operators and managers to access, control and analyse their own data through IB applications on Fleet Data and via a secure platform that is fully scalable, fleet-wide and now commercially available on both Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband.”

Once interfaced with onboard Navigation and Engine automation plants, IB InfoSHIP Performance software is capable of benchmarking fleet performance and advising personnel on board and ashore in real-time or helping technical management make decisions around energy governance.

The IB system complies with existing and known forthcoming regulations and can optimise propulsion efficiency, trim and speed, and evaluate ship performance after every refitting or maintenance activities carried out. It also allows real-time monitoring of every aspect of the navigation.

Dedicated hardware

“IB Influencing Business has developed its own data collecting box, already installed on hundreds of ships. But of course, using dedicated hardware such as Fleet Data, which is already installed, makes our task of installing our cloud-based solution extremely easy and much cheaper to our customers. So we definitively welcome this agreement with Inmarsat,” said IB marine CEO Giampiero Soncini.

“I am extremely proud to see that IB has been selected by Inmarsat to join the elite club of its Application providers. And given the sales results we are currently enjoying, I believe that this agreement will be a triple win situation, for IB customers, IB and Inmarsat.”

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Picture shows: (L-R) Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Head of Digital Solutions, Inmarsat Maritime and IB Marine CEO, Giampiero Soncini after signing agreement.