Inmarsat sets ‘pace of innovation’ with BGAN HDR

09 April 2014: Visitors to this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas will be able to experience first-hand the high-quality live video delivered by BGAN HDR.

BGAN HDR Live Broadcasting

The compact, lightweight and highly-portable Cobham SATCOM Explorer 710 terminal, combined with optimised codecs, allows connection speeds above 1Mbps, which was previously only possible on a VSAT uplink.

The new service, which was launched in December 2013, is setting a new standard in live TV broadcasting, providing an unprecedented average speed of 650kbps, with users reporting speeds over 800kbps.

Streaming rates

BGAN HDR supports a portfolio of four channel streaming rates, including symmetric and asymmetric options, ensuring that broadcasters only pay for the data they require.

“It has been an exciting year for Inmarsat’s media business marked by the commercial service launch of BGAN HDR, which is proving to be a game-changing service for broadcasters,” said Martin.

“In the months since launch, we have seen enthusiastic up-take by international broadcasters, who have already used BGAN HDR in places such as the Philippines, South Africa and Antarctica to change how their audiences experience breaking news.

Meeting needs

“Inmarsat has long been the premier mobile satellite operator for broadcasters across the globe.

“But what’s really exciting is the pace of innovation, which means we can meet the evolving needs of the reporter in the field, and enhance the quality of live-streamed video content.

“With BGAN HDR, IsatPhone 2 and IsatHub, media users can stay connected wherever they are and be confident in a network backed by Inmarsat’s renowned reliability.” 

Visit Inmarsat at Upper South Hall #2324 at the world’s largest electronic media show.

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