Inmarsat launches BGAN Standard+ pricing

25 April 2017: Inmarsat has announced a new pricing structure for its Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite communication terminals – BGAN Standard+.

The dynamic pricing structure caps additional monthly subscription charges at 30GB to take advantage of unused capacity on the Inmarsat network.

Many satellite communications users deploy services in an irregular manner and occasionally users have to use satcoms at a much greater scale than usual. BGAN Standard+ pricing addresses this need by providing the flexibility of a small monthly subscription for 5MB usage, with the option to use up to 30GB supplementary data without the unnecessary requirement of having to contact Inmarsat or the concern of potentially breaching budgets.

Surging usage

Paul Gudonis, President at Inmarsat Enterprise, commented on how the new pricing structure was created: “BGAN Standard+ pricing for Land was primarily derived from us looking at the market, speaking to partners, and figuring out where we could optimise our offering for the needs of our end customers.

“For example, a humanitarian aid agency might find itself supporting a response to a crisis in which large volumes of emails and social media posts are required to enable the affected population to make contact with their relatives. The price cap of BGAN Standard+ pricing removes any reticence around the potential cost of abruptly surging usage, making spend more predictable at the most unpredictable moments.”

BGAN Standard+ is one of a range of competitive pricing and service offers from Inmarsat in the land domain, which covers the full spectrum of applications and mission types.  With the most complete global land offering of any satellite operator, Inmarsat’s Land services now span from low data rate M2M services to high-speed broadband, Ka-band services.

Satellite technologies

With new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) coming to the fore, organisations that traditionally have not seen satellite technologies as relevant to their business will increasingly understand their utility.

BGAN Standard+ will also open up new market segments within the global, non-U.S. government market. Andy Start, President, Inmarsat Global Government explains how this new pricing structure has been developed in conjunction with key government end user feedback.

“Operational commanders are already keen proponents of Inmarsat satellite communications for mission critical operations because of their capacity to provide increased situational awareness wherever and whenever required.

Scalable pricing

“BGAN Standard+ opens up the additional market segments such as Government Welfare, Government Logistics, and eEducation by offering new highly affordable, scalable pricing models with easy to control budgets”.

Both new and existing customers will have access to the new pricing plans. Existing customers will be able to migrate to BGAN Standard+ without incurring any early termination fees, as the transition will be considered an upgrade and therefore still within contract.