Inmarsat joins new M2M trade association

04 March 2014: Inmarsat has joined a new machine-to-machine (M2M) trade association which helps enterprises search for new business models.

The International M2M Council (IMC) aims to promote connectivity across a diverse range of industrial and consumer sectors by bringing together solution providers and adopters of M2M technology globally.

“We think it’s absolutely crucial to build awareness of satellite networks among companies looking to deploy new business models that are dependent on maintaining connectivity with assets, no matter where they are located,” said Joel Schroeder, Director of Inmarsat’s M2M programme.

Seamless delivery

“Our global network offers real-time IP data and ‘store and forward’ services designed for machine-to-machine connectivity, enabling M2M service providers to integrate and seamlessly deliver satellite as part of a total M2M solution.”.

“The IMC is reaching out to enterprises across all markets and, as a sustaining member, we look forward to supporting the user communities that they are building.”

Inmarsat joins a broad range of influential technology providers at the IMC, including telecom carriers, software developers, hardware makers, and systems integrators.

Business insight

More than 700 individuals who are looking to learn more about M2M technology – so-called adopter members – have joined IMC, looking to gain insight into new M2M business models.

Keith Kreisher, IMC’s Executive Director, said: “There’s a genuine hunger for information about deploying this technology for business benefit, and we aim to be that resource.”