Inmarsat delivers record-breaking data rates for global C4ISR

08 November 2016: Inmarsat has announced the operational availability of enhanced aeronautical services in support of critical U.S. government Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) operations.

Today, government aeronautical users rely on Inmarsat’s unique globally available L-band constellation on multiple platforms and missions to operate wherever that mission might take them. Inmarsat’s partners now have the ability to deliver record-breaking data rates as high as 10Mbps x 10Mbps.

Available production terminal solutions are ultra-compact provide users unparalleled coverage and performance for their manned and unmanned aeronautical connectivity needs, while retaining the ease of use, reliability and low cost of ownership provided by Inmarsat’s global network.

To learn more about Inmarsat delivering a record-breaking data rate to support small-aperture aero capability for global C4ISR, read the full press release.