Inmarsat continues to support seafarers during global health crisis

25 June 2020: In a continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on seafarer well-being, Inmarsat has extended its discount for crew voice calling services available for up to 40,000 ships for another month until the end of July.

The voice call discount offers are available day and night to Inmarsat retail customers using FleetBroadband and Fleet Xpress ChatCard voice services and to wholesale partners offering FleetBroadband voice calls under the legacy Crew Calling ‘SQT’ brand.

We will also continue to work with crew healthcare specialist Vikand and software platform provider FrontM to provide a free COVID-19 video call service with a trained health professional until the end of July.

The service ensures that users of our high-speed Fleet Xpress service have 24/7 access to video call Vikand’s expert staff for information to help navigate COVID-19 related medical questions, and is currently active on over 200 vessels.