Inmarsat announces new strategic agreement with JRC

INMARSAT has announced a strategic maritime partnership with JRC, a leading communications provider headquartered in Japan. 


Frank Coles, President, Inmarsat Maritime, said: “The development of Inmarsat products has always been closely integrated with quality hardware and antenna manufacturers to arrive at superb connectivity solutions.


“Our fourth generation satellite service, the FleetBroadband platform, has rested heavily on reliable providers like JRC. We are now delighted to extend our partnership with JRC and together develop connectivity solutions for the Global Xpress® programme which will become operational during 2014.”


Proven solutions

He explained that, as the launch of Global Xpress draws closer, Inmarsat is focused on continuing to integrate this new generation of high throughput services (HTS) with reliable and proven hardware solutions into easy to use products for the shipping market.


“In our effort to create attractive bundled products, we see that the strategic partnership with JRC will be extremely important,” he said.


JRC has been a trusted Inmarsat partner providing both products and support services for the FleetBroadband platform, including FB500, FB250 and FB150, since the launch of FleetBroadband in 2005.


High throughput

The partnership between Inmarsat and JRC will build on both the FleetBroadband and Global Xpress programmes and new solutions will be developed providing the shipping industry with smart solutions, packaged into cost-efficient, compact and easy to install connectivity solutions. 


Tamiho Shinya, Vice Executive/Executive Officer at JRC, commented: “We look forward to working with Inmarsat to develop a range of connectivity solutions that take advantage of both the FleetBroadband platform and the Global Xpress satellite constellation with its high throughput capabilities.


“We have already had great success in working with Inmarsat on the FleetBroadband platform where we together developed a range of products, and are excited to extend this partnership.”


He added that, with its global service infrastructure, JRC is ideally positioned to provide fully integrated hardware, airtime and support services for the FleetBroadband and Global Xpress solutions to the shipping industry.



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