Inaugural preview of IsatHub service at CommunicAsia

20 June 2014: Inmarsat’s innovative smart connectivity service, IsatHub, has been exclusively previewed and demonstrated at CommunicAsia, the leading info-communications technology in Singapore.


Scheduled for commercial launch in August, IsatHub will provide a powerful and portable solution for connecting smart devices when beyond the reach of terrestrial mobile and fixed networks.

Smartphone and tablet users can continue to talk, text, access the Internet and apps wherever they are in the world with this new service, which is accessed via the IsatHub control and voice app – available for iPhone, iPad and /or iPod touch and Android™ devices from the App Store of Google Play.

Staying connected

“You could be a thousand kilometres from the nearest mobile network and still connect to the rest of the world for applications ranging from video calls to accessing your emails,” said Drew Brandy, Vice President of Strategy & Development, Inmarsat Enterprise.

“For companies, this means that employees can stay productive and in contact regardless of whether they are in a mobile signal ‘blackspot’ or the middle of a desert. For private users, IsatHub means that experiencing an adventure can be shared with family and friends in real time.”

Inmarsat partner Addvalue has manufactured the first terminal to access the IsatHub service – the Wideye iSavi. The small, lightweight terminal is less than half the size of a standard laptop and can connect to any smart device via WiFi.

Secure network

Once the connection is established, users will have access to their own personal and secure network up to 30m (100ft) from the terminal, which can support multiple devices.

The IsatHub control app features set-up assistance, full control over additional device access, as well as visibility of data usage from each device sharing the IsatHub connection.

The IsatHub voice app enables users to make and receive voice calls on their device via IsatHub’s dedicated high-quality voice line, as well as sending and receiving text messages, even if the device is for WiFi use only. 

Reliable performance

Powered by Inmarsat’s global 3G network, IsatHub also features the highest data rate of any equivalent service with standard IP data up to 240/384kbps (send/receive).

“No other mobile satellite operator can offer this performance and reliability in global smart device connectivity,” said Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Enterprise.

“As an organisation, we are dedicated to bringing voice and data connectivity to those regions not supported by costly terrestrial networks. IsatHub is a further advance and brings our space-based 3G network to more users than ever before.”