How industry can solve perceived military terminal challenges

17 April 2019: In her latest contributed article for MilSatMagazine, Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, discusses how commercial technology innovations and flexible business models can resolve the need for enhanced operational flexibility of legacy military terminals.

 Cowen-Hirsch dissects the claims that most satellite terminals used by the military are not compatible with modern SATCOM technology, explaining that the terminals can embed within a SATCOM as a Service model that is owned and managed by trusted commercial operators. Additionally, she references a recent U.S. Air Force technology pilot project that demonstrated the ease of a military SATCOM terminal seamlessly roaming across commercial networks.

As demonstrated in the pilot and echoed across industry, addressing near-term improvements and enhanced operational flexibility of legacy terminals is not an insurmountable issue. “As valued industry partners, we make significant investments in modular terminals to replace vertically-integrated systems to support the government’s drive towards establishing a completely integrated architecture,” Cowen-Hirsch writes.