Global Xpress showcase for maritime customers in Korea

07 April 2015: Ship operators, shipyards, and partners in Korea saw how Fleet Xpress, the Inmarsat Maritime service offering that integrates the world’s first globally available, superfast mobile broadband service from a single operator, will shape the future of maritime satellite communications at an event organised by manufacturing partner Intellian Technologies and Inmarsat.


Inmarsat Maritime President Ronald Spithout and Intellian CEO Eric Sung gave an overview of the two companies and the respective values they offer.

Customers of regional partners including KT SAT, SK Telink and KDDI Korea were introduced to Fleet Xpress, Inmarsat’s hybrid Ka-band/L-band service, which will become commercially available once Global Xpress commences global service early in the second half of 2015, and FleetBroadband Xtra, the regional Global Xpress/FleetBroadband service.

Delegates took a closer look at the Intellian hardware developed for Inmarsat services, including a live demonstration of the type-approved 65cm Intellian GX60 and 1m Intellian GX100 VSAT terminals.

The Dutch Ambassador to Korea, Lody Embrechts, also attended the event, following the opening of an Intellian office in Rotterdam.