FleetBroadband supports solo world record sailing bid

CHINESE sailing star Guo Chuan will attempt to set a new world record by circumnavigating the globe single-handed – with support from Inmarsat.

Guo promoted his planned attempt at the finale of the Volvo Ocean Race, which reached its conclusion in Galway, Ireland.

He came to meet old friends, having previously been a media crew member (MCM) who reported daily race action aboard Green Dragon during the 2008-9 event.

Record crossing
Guo followed that up by becoming the first Chinese to cross the Atlantic single-handed, in a 21ft (6.5m) yacht.

For his latest challenge, Guo will depart from his home city of Qingdao, China, in November, in a slightly more roomy 40-ft (12m) yacht – heading east to Cape Horn, South America.

“I am delighted to be in Galway to announce my new attempt, in which I will use the experience I gained during the Volvo Ocean Race when I had the opportunity to live and work with some of the world's top sailors,” said Guo.

FleetBroadband on board
His boat will be equipped with a FleetBroadband terminal provided by Inmarsat which will help him send back video and pictures and assist him in plotting a safe course as he attempts to cover 21,600 nautical miles in 130 days.

Inmarsat Executive Chairman, Andrew Sukawaty, commented: “We first met Guo Chuan as MCM on Green Dragon during the previous Volvo Ocean Race. We were all impressed by his courage and tenacity.

“Inmarsat is the natural partner to support his record attempt and we wish Guo and the Chinese people every success.

Safety needs
“We promise that we will be there to back up his media and safety needs with our global capabilities.”

If successful, Guo will set a new record for circumnavigation in a 40-ft yacht, which is much smaller than those used by previous world record breakers including Dame Ellen MacArthur and Francis Joyon.

During his promotional visit, Guo also met with crew members from Team Sanya, the China-backed yacht which competed in this year's Volvo Ocean Race.

FleetBroadband:  inmarsat.com/FleetBroadband

Volvo Ocean Race:  www.volvooceanrace.com