Fleet One Global brings flexibility and choice to vessels

01 June 2016: Inmarsat has launched Fleet One Global, a simple, cost effective service designed to offer basic voice and data connectivity to the maritime market.

Part of the Fleet One range of satcoms services developed for flexibility, reliability and simplicity, the new service is aimed at customers with low data needs looking for basic functionality, greater cost and usage control, and the reassurance of a trusted global commercial satellite network.

The plug-and-play service delivers 100kbps voice and data at one global rate, eliminating the need for vessel owners to use a patchwork of different providers. Fleet One Global achieves 99.9% uptime worldwide, ensuring that ships are never out of range for voice calls, business emails, text-based crew emailing, electronic chart synching, updated vessel routeing, weather forecasting and planned maintenance information.

Uninterrupted access

“Fleet One Global offers voice, data services and uninterrupted access to the internet, all based on user need and at performance levels that are consistent across all regions,” said Shane Rossbacher, Vice President of Product Management, Inmarsat Maritime.

“It brings a unified offer and cost transparency to sections of the shipping market – including deep sea fishing, river-sea ships, offshore support vessels, coasters and ferries – that have been at the mercy of hidden roaming and usage costs.”

Traditionally, satellite communications have not been considered a cost effective option for vessels with low data needs. Owners have not wanted to be tied in to subscription costs for a service they might only need seasonally or for occasional voyages, or only when they sail out of VHF or GSM coverage.

Seasonal usage

With cost efficiency and subscription flexibility designed to offer value for money to telecoms-savvy and entry-level users alike, the Fleet One Global service includes pre and postpaid options and monthly reviews for upgrade/downgrade. Commitment periods are negotiable, and the service can even be deactivated at no extra cost – perfect for seasonal usage requirements.

Available via the Inmarsat L-band satellite network, Fleet One Global offers voice calls, IP rates of up to 100kbps and standard 160 character SMS email messaging. No specialist skills are needed to install the low-cost and compact antenna and below-deck units, each of which weighs no more than 2.8kg.

“All segments of commercial shipping deserve the consistency that Inmarsat has been delivering through maritime-specific services for over three decades,” said Shane. “We continue to invest in the future of connectivity at sea, and Fleet One Global brings the Inmarsat standard of reliability, safety and security to a vital maritime constituency.”

The Fleet One Global service will be offered alongside the Fleet One Coastal service, which is aimed at the regional and low-end fishing market.