First successful connection for Global Xpress

24 June 2014: The first external global government test of Inmarsat’s game-changing Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band network has been completed.

NSSLGlobal, service provider and GX Value Added Reseller for Inmarsat Global Government business, achieved a successful connection to the Inmarsat-5 F1 GX satellite on 19 June at 15:53 EST via the Panther GX VSAT terminal from L-3 Communications, an Inmarsat manufacturing partner.

As a primary beta tester, NSSLGlobal will continue to host a series of live demonstrations and beta tests with military and government customers in Europe, following the success of this initial test.

Extensive experience

“NSSLGlobal has been offering and supporting Inmarsat’s services for over 30 years, most recently becoming a VAR for GX in the European military and government markets,” said Gordon McMillan, Director, GX Government Services, Inmarsat.

The organisation has extensive experience of meeting the specialised needs of European government customers, which made it the ideal partner to host this demonstration of GX.”

Global Xpress will provide high bandwidth services to a range of land, maritime and aviation terminals, delivered through a resilient, secure waveform optimised for mobility. Integrated seamlessly with Inmarsat’s current L-band network, GX will ensure reliable communications in support of mission critical operations in the most challenging environments.

Bandwidth needs

“Around the world, governments are demanding more and more bandwidth to support their mission critical communications and are relying even further on satellite communications to fulfil this requirement,” said Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director, NSSLGlobal.

“Inmarsat’s GX is an ideal solution for all government departments, particularly military, as it offers reliable, seamless global coverage and most importantly, it’s highly secure. It has been a great honour to be the first Global Government VAR to test GX.”

Additional testing will take place with the UK’s Royal Navy once all three GX satellites are deployed and global coverage is achieved. The launch of I-5 F2 and F3 satellites are on schedule to allow full global commercial service of Global Xpress by mid-2015.

Global Xpress: