Cultural change brings the promise of SATCOM innovation

24 September 2018: In a contributed article for Via Satellite, Inmarsat Government’s Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, discusses the recent advancements made toward an entirely integrated Department of Defense (DOD) satellite communications architecture, one that would fully incorporate commercial innovation in a strategic and intentional manner.

Cowen-Hirsch highlights how we are now seeing an ongoing, interactive conversation in which the government is acknowledging the merits of a portfolio-driven architecture to stress commercially-enabled innovation and speed, as opposed to continued reliance upon legacy-dominated programs.

Additionally, she emphasises the role commercial SATCOM must play in the government space acquisition model to reach a fully integrated SATCOM architecture.

“Subcommittee and DOD officials have indicated that they are seeking a better long-term plan to buy commercial SATCOM via a more seamless, integrated network structure, and that major changes in satcom procurement are required to make this happen,” Cowen-Hirsch wrote.

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