Bringing the news to the world’s most remote locations

09 June 2016: A new Inmarsat partnership will enable those working and living in the world’s most remote locations to have access to the world’s first and largest all-you-can-read newspaper and magazine service.

The partnership brings together PressReader, a premium publication solution, and Inmarsat’s global Inmarsat-4 network, offering data connectivity to anyone, anywhere in the world.

PressReader enables readers to discover, share and talk about news that matters to them globally. Now powered by Inmarsat, PressReader is even easier to access in the world’s most remote locations.

CAP Programme

Inmarsat’s CAP (Certified Application Partner) Programme forms partnerships with third-party companies to develop applications and solutions that are compatible with Inmarsat’s satellite communications networks in order to innovate and provide tangible value to end-users all over the world.

Organisations and individuals across a wide range of sectors will use Inmarsat’s award-winning Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service to access PressReader, empowering users in remote locations with improved information quality and access to premium international publications.

“One of the key objectives of Inmarsat’s Certified Application Partner Programme is to create value for every stakeholder,” said Nadeem Khan, Head of Applications Enablement, Inmarsat Enterprise.

Employee welfare

“Partnering with PressReader and bringing the app alongside our flat rate airtime packages will encourage our partners to offer a digital news stand solution to their customers.

“Wherever personnel are based, from an oil rig in the sea to a mining camp in a desert, customers can deploy an employee welfare solution in 60 languages by choosing Inmarsat and PressReader.

“Organisations can also distribute their operational documents to remote sites using PressReader, keeping their employees up-to-date and in-line with regulations. We’re excited to have partnered with PressReader and we’re looking forward to working together.”

Satellite connectivity

Users in any location, especially those that are not served by terrestrial internet solutions, can connect to the web via satellite connectivity from Inmarsat, and benefit greatly from access to PressReader’s range of over 5,000 publications in more than 60 languages.

PressReader is already being used by hotels, airlines, cruise liners, libraries, restaurants, taxi companies and medical clinics all over the world because of the value it adds for employees and customers of those businesses. Now, with Inmarsat’s global satellite connectivity, even more businesses and individuals will be able to access PressReader.

Igor Smirnoff, Chief Commercial Officer at PressReader said, “We’re on a mission to bring the world’s best content to every individual, no matter where they are. Our partnership with Inmarsat allows us to bring content to people who historically would never be otherwise able to access it.

“It’s pretty cool that now, regardless of whether you’re an oil or a gas engineer or a medical worker living a million miles from home in a remote location, you can read your hometown newspaper when you wake up in the morning. We’re pleased to be working with Inmarsat to make this possible.”