Brazil counts on BGAN to deliver election votes

BGAN has again helped thousands of Brazilians to cast their vote in municipal elections.

Inmarsat partner MVS deployed 1,350 BGAN terminals across Brazil to connect remote voting stations to the nation's electronic voting system in the first round of elections held last month.

The elections covered more than 5,500 municipalities with votes being cast for 5,568 local mayors, and over 57,000 city councillors.

End-to-end network
Results show that over 138 million Brazilian citizens voted in the first round.

“MVS Brazil designed a secure end-to-end network for the election with Inmarsat as its backbone,” said Deborah Deffaa, MVS Group President.

“This was a project of great importance to Brazil and it was essential that the service was flawless. We're pleased with the way Inmarsat's technology performed.”

Instant access
Kate Montgomery, Inmarsat's Director of Enterprise Industry in Latin America, said: “This is the third election that Inmarsat has supported in Brazil since 2008, including the Presidential elections of 2010.

“It demonstrates our ability to enable instant access to the most robust and reliable communications, even in the remotest locations.”

BGAN's successful deployment during the elections is just one example of the role Inmarsat services can play in Brazil as the economy grows, she explained.

“Companies rely on communications services to support expansion, but waiting for weeks or even months for the terrestrial communications infrastructure to catch up can seriously hinder growth,” said Kate.

“Mobile satellite communication offers instant availability and guaranteed reliability, regardless of the location, and is being seen as a crucial first step by many organisations as they move into new premises or start up in new regions.”