BGAN service verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix CloudBridge

11 December 2014: Inmarsat is opening up opportunities for enterprises to extend the capabilities of their applications, enabling them to be carried over Inmarsat’s award winning L-band satellite network, in addition to terrestrial communication networks. Inmarsat’s channel and technology partners also benefit by now being able deploy the tens of thousands of Citrix partner applications to enhance their offering to BGAN end-users.

“Today’s announcement that Inmarsat’s BGAN service is verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix CloudBridge is an exciting step forward in opening up new possibilities for broader range of end-users with no geographic limitation,” said Nadeem Khan, Inmarsat’s Global Head of Enterprise Applications Development.

“We welcome Inmarsat as a Citrix Ready partner,” said Greg Fox, director, Citrix Ready program, Citrix.  “Citrix CloudBridge brings added value to enterprises and now that Inmarsat’s BGAN service is Citrix Ready, this opens up a new dimension in connectivity for Citrix partners through Inmarsat’s global voice and broadband data services delivered via its satellite fleet. The Citrix Ready verification also enables Inmarsat’s partners and their end-users to obtain the highest quality user experience available today, together with the simplest means for making an informed product purchasing decision.”

 Accelerate applications

The Citrix CloudBridge Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation platform helps enterprises reduce WAN bandwidth congestion, improve the virtual desktop user experience and accelerate traditional enterprise applications while providing a secure interconnection of enterprise campus and datacenter locations with public and private cloud networks.

When deployed in conjunction with Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, and Citrix ShareFile solutions, Citrix CloudBridge can reduce bandwidth required per user by almost 80 percent, providing significant performance improvements for traditional enterprise applications such as email and file sharing. CloudBridge also can dramatically decrease bandwidth consumption of video streaming delivery, and enable deep visibility into application and network performance through the Citrix Insight Center.

Organisations using Inmarsat’s BGAN service can now realise the benefits that Citrix provides to enterprise users, including optimised access to corporate applications, securely and globally, in real-time using satellite connectivity. Demos and information about BGAN can be found in the Citrix Ready xChange Marketplace, an online catalogue of over 25,000 partner offerings verified to work with Citrix products.