BGAN Converge offers higher data rates for mission-critical comms

US government customers can now access significantly higher date rates through a new service, BGAN Converge.

The value-added solution, launched by Inmarsat Government, uses reliable commercial BGAN channel bonding to deliver high-speed, secure mission-critical communications.

It has been developed to meet the needs of US government customers who require higher throughput solutions as their need for enhanced communication capabilities extend further into the field.

Reliable access
When military personnel involved in active operations need to see the latest imagery from an unmanned aerial vehicle, for example, they need reliable access at high speeds.

“In response to the ever-growing demand for higher data rates, our BGAN Converge offering dramatically enhances throughput up to 800 kbps bi-directionally,” said David Helfgott, President and CEO of Inmarsat Government.

“It's a practical and effective turnkey alternative to VSAT, while maintaining BGAN's core characteristics of reliability, security, scalability and global coverage that our government customers demand for their mission-critical communications.”

BGAN Converge supports various fixed and mobile platforms and does not require making changes to existing BGAN equipment.

It offers faster, higher-quality interactive video conferencing, video streaming and VoIP services.

The BGAN Converge system consists of the software that resides on a router, as well as a Converge server located in the Inmarsat satellite access stations (SAS).

On-demand streaming
The end-to-end service is highly portable, minimises “jitter” and network latency, and provides global, on-demand streaming capabilities.

BGAN Converge also offers a transition path to Inmarsat's new global Ka-band network, Global Xpress, currently scheduled to enter full, worldwide service by the end of 2014.

Global Xpress will be delivered through compact, highly portable devices that meet government requirements for increased mobility.

BGAN Converge: