100,000th order for popular global handheld IsatPhone Pro

INMARSAT has reached a major milestone with 100,000 confirmed orders from distributors for IsatPhone Pro, its global handheld satellite phone.

IsatPhone Pro, the company's first global handheld satellite phone, was introduced in June 2010.

Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Enterprise, said: “Inmarsat recognised the need for a highly-reliable, voice-centric service and developed the IsatPhone Pro to meet that need.

Success story
“It is ideal for both personal and corporate users, regardless of their location.

“Securing our 100,000th confirmed order and capturing a significant share of a competitive global market from a standing start just two years ago has exceeded our ambitions for IsatPhone Pro.”

This is just the latest milestone in the IsatPhone Pro success story.

US pre-paid deal
In August, Inmarsat announced that it can now offer global pre-paid satellite services for both voice and data via the Inmarsat pre-pay platform with the introduction of support for voice calls originating in the US and its territories.

IsatPhone Pro users can now be contacted using a single phone number wherever they are located and use just one device, with the option of pre-pay, for their global communications.

IsatPhone Pro appeals to a diverse user base – popular with humanitarian workers and people in remote areas.

It's also widely used by explorers and leisure users who want to stay in contact when travelling in areas with no cellular coverage.

At the end of June 2012, Inmarsat reported having a base of more than 65,000 active IsatPhone Pros. When distributors place orders for IsatPhone Pros, they are only recorded as active terminals later, usually at the point when sold by the distributor to an end customer.

IsatPhone Pro: inmarsat.com/IsatPhonePro