08 December 2020 - 09 December 2020

FTE APEX Virtual Expo

Inmarsat Aviation is diamond sponsor of the FTE APEX Virtual Expo, the air transport industry’s first major digital trade show.

The event will focus on transforming the industry post-COVID. Inmarsat predicts the drive for airline digital transformation will be accelerated as a result of the pandemic and its consequences. Connected technologies will play a core role in the recovery period.

In the near-term, inflight connectivity is supporting the confidence of passengers and enabling new digital services in response to safety measures. Looking ahead to an upturn, the ways in which connectivity optimises and monetises the cabin experience could create the critical advantage for airlines that are digital leaders.

Most of all, digital transformation’s greatest impact is likely to be on airlines’ long-term operating strategies. Post-pandemic operational efficiency and agility will require capabilities in smart analytics, integrated planning, machine learning and AI, fuelled by real-time data and enabled by connectivity.

Register for the expo to learn from Inmarsat Aviation how satellite-based connectivity and the next generation technologies dependent on it will be essential catalysts for sustainable industry recovery.

We will cover every aspect of the ‘new normal’ connected airline:

  • Increased operational agility to maximise share of value
  • Improved efficiency, including meeting sustainability goals
  • Enhanced competitiveness within an increasingly digitised passenger base
  • Unlocking new incremental revenue streams