Inmarsat Announces Record-Breaking Sailor as New Yachting Ambassador

Australian yachtsman and adventurer Nick Moloney will help raise awareness about the benefits of Inmarsat’s global maritime satellite communications

Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, has appointed record-breaking Australian sailor and adventurer Nick Moloney as its new Yachting Ambassador.

The elite yachtsman and windsurfer will draw on his extensive experience to support Inmarsat as it continues to increase awareness and insight into the benefits of reliable, global satellite communications for all types of modern mariner. Nick has raced in the America’s Cup, completed three circumnavigations under sail and is a 15-time world sailing speed record holder. With challenging new expeditions to Antarctica and Greenland, in addition to preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in the pipeline, Nick is in a unique position to represent Inmarsat’s values to a wider audience and highlight the company’s commitment to providing dedicated satellite support in the world’s most remote ocean regions.

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President Safety and Security, Yacht and Passenger, at Inmarsat said: “Nick has a tremendous passion for sailing, yachting and adventure and he is a huge advocate of reliable and safe communications at sea, which Inmarsat pioneered and continues to lead today. We are delighted to have him as an Ambassador for our yachting and explorer markets and I look forward to working closely with him at the various yachting events over the next year.”

Nick has joined with Inmarsat to help drive its continued expansion in the superyacht, leisure and racing yachting sectors. The company continues its on-going delivery of a comprehensive portfolio of seamless, fully-integrated maritime communications solutions through Fleet Xpress and Fleet One, strengthening its position as the leader in the global maritime sector for connectivity at sea.

In less than four years since launch, Fleet Xpress has established itself as the gold standard for reliable communications across the maritime industries including the superyacht sector. Last year, Inmarsat successfully launched GX5, the fifth satellite in the world-leading Global Xpress (GX) fleet delivering Fleet Xpress high-speed maritime broadband services. The further seven GX payloads scheduled to launch over the next four years will further extend Inmarsat’s global leadership in true broadband services, which are supported by the company’s network of world leading technology, manufacturing and channel partners.

As an active corporate and public speaker, Inmarsat Yachting Ambassador Nick will support the company’s annual yachting and sailing event programme, capitalise on his own racing and expedition schedule to report on his experiences with satellite communication in the field and strive to connect with the professional and recreational sailing fraternities to ensure Inmarsat continues to meet the growing demand for connectivity.

Nick, who has training bases in both the UK and France, said: “I am delighted to work with Inmarsat to enable education and insight into the world of satellite communication to support more informed choices in the broad maritime sector. As a professional sailor and adventurer, I have been heavily reliant on communication throughout my career and have learned a great deal about the benefits of strong and reliable connectivity in both relatively stable and very remote and extreme environments. Seafaring is experiencing a surge of great interest and growth in numbers of active passage makers through the creation of new yacht races and rallies that are global or extensive oceanic voyages. More families and seasoned cruisers are expanding their horizons and experiences in a cruising format.

“I will be aiming to increase the awareness of Inmarsat and how it is providing an unparalleled service and capability to those who have a reliance on satellite communication, primarily at sea and in remote locations. With the emphasis on quality, Inmarsat has the right products with the right capabilities to service the growing demands of the modern mariner. It is a straight-forward decision to engage with the most resilient tools and services that have the broadest, most reliable, capabilities and the widest global service coverage.”

Nick travels to Antarctica in February to document the story around the discovery of the continent 200 years ago, with plans to head to Greenland next year and into the Northwestern Passages where he will offer fascinating insight into Inmarsat’s satellite coverage in the Arctic region and the growing access to the Northwest Passage.

At the age of 51, Nick, who was awarded the prestigious Australian Sports Medal, has not finished adding honours to an incredible 30-year long racing career, which has included the America’s Cup, Whitbread Round the World Race, Jules Verne Trophy and Around the World Solo in the 2004-5 Vendee Globe Race. He has now teamed up with world renowned Australian yachtswoman Adrienne Cahalan in a campaign towards qualifying and representing Australia in the new mixed gender, double handed Offshore Sailing Medal category for the 2024 Olympics.

Nick Moloney, Inmarsat Yachting Ambassador

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