Inmarsat supports maritime cyber security campaign

Inmarsat is supporting a new campaign to promote awareness of the increasing cyber threat facing the maritime and offshore industry.

The industry-led Be Cyber Aware at Sea initiative aims to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on international shipping, ports and offshore operations.

More than 90% of world trade – including the global transportation of energy – is conducted by sea and reliance on technology continues to increase. The cyber threat at sea poses significant security, safety and financial risks to shipping and offshore operations, making cyber security a top level priority.

Training courses

The Be Cyber Aware At Sea campaign offers certified training courses for seafarers, and encourages the sharing of research data, best practice guidelines and educational articles.

“In today’s connected world, the threat of cyber attack is very real. Risks from malicious attacks and unlawful access to a ship’s intelligence, its system infrastructure and networks cannot be ignored, and the shipping industry needs to take action,” said Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President for Safety and Security, Inmarsat Maritime.

“As part of Inmarsat’s initiatives to help safeguard vessels and mariners from cyber attack, we’re excited to actively support the Be Cyber Aware At Sea campaign to collectively raise awareness and data security standards at sea.”