UK Chamber of Shipping video highlights industry’s vital role

Inmarsat features in a video report, Delivering for Britain, produced by the UK Chamber of Shipping to promote the industry’s essential role in growing the nation’s economy.

The programme, made by ITN Productions and fronted by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, had its first screening at the Chamber’s London HQ on 28 September. It is the focal point of a campaign highlighting the work of organisations representing shipping, ports, training, manufacturing and innovation in the sector.

Inmarsat’s segment looks at the importance of providing welfare communications for seafarers who often spend months away from their loved ones. Former Merchant Navy Officer Fena Boyle explains how important it was to her to be able to maintain a connection with her family.

Transformational tool

“The new generation of seafarers need social media much more,” she adds. “They get their news that way; they find out what’s going on at home.”

Stuart Rivers, CEO of the Sailor’s Society, says onboard internet is a transformational tool for shipping companies looking to attract and retain crew. Drew Brandy, Senior Vice President, Market Strategy for Inmarsat Maritime, describes crew communications as fundamental, and as important as the operational, safety and Internet of Things applications that Inmarsat supports through services like Fleet Xpress, delivering high-speed broadband seamlessly around the world. He also highlights Fleet Media, Inmarsat’s on-demand crew entertainment platform.

Explaining the reasons for making the programme, Guy Platten, UK Chamber of Shipping CEO, said: “The shipping industry faces significant challenges, but with the right support there are huge opportunities for growth. Our story is one of ambition; how we can grow the UK Flag, encourage more entrepreneurship, create more jobs, be the most innovative, greenest, safest industry.”