Inmarsat shortlisted for SMART4SEA Excellence Award

The launch of game-changing satellite broadband service Fleet Xpress has seen Inmarsat shortlisted for a new maritime excellence award.

The powerful combination of connectivity benefits Fleet Xpress brings to the global maritime market, from voyage optimisation and remote diagnostics to enhanced crew welfare and cybersecurity, puts Inmarsat on a shortlist alongside companies including Maersk Maritime Technology and Rolls-Royce.The inaugural SMART4SEA Excellence Award will be presented to the organisation that best demonstrates technological excellence and above average performance in any aspect of smart maritime activity.

True catalyst

“A fast, reliable communications backbone from ship to shore is critical to the success of a growing list of smart shipping applications,” said Inmarsat Maritime President Ronald Spithout.

“What has been lacking up until now has been the capability to use high-speed data, complemented by proven reliability to ensure seamless global mobility and continuous connectivity. By providing that capability, Fleet Xpress is the true catalyst for smarter shipping.”

The winner will be decided by an open vote, with a deadline of 20 January 2017 – simply follow the link and click on the Inmarsat logo in the Excellence Award category to vote for us!

The awards, which also include those for technology and innovation, will be presented at the 2017 SMART4SEA conference in Athens on 31 January. They are designed to help foster industry-wide technological excellence and sustainable shipping.