Solving the MILSATCOM vs COMSATCOM culture war

In the February issue of MilSatMagazine, Inmarsat Government’s Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, discusses the benefits of an integrated satellite communication (SATCOM) architecture to provide resilient communication capabilities to support critical operational missions.

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch unpacks the cultural misperceptions that military SATCOM (MILSATCOM) resources are “free,” while commercial SATCOM (COMSATCOM) services have a “fee”. She discusses the value of an integrated SATCOM architecture, leveraging both MILSATCOM and COMSATCOM, to meet government and military needs.

“For space programs, it remains imperative to incorporate advancements from the commercial sector into the baseline DoD architecture as a means of reducing strains on an overstretched budget and inserting optimum capability, flexibility and resilience for end users,” she writes. “Ease of operation in a complex operational environment is required, and SATCOM must be readily accessible wherever they go.”

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