The importance of cyber protection

In an interview with MSUA Mobility News, Gary Gagnon, Inmarsat’s Senior Vice President Cyber and Global Security, shares his perspectives on the importance of cyber protection for the satellite mobility community.

Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, Gary is responsible for implementing and delivering the company’s corporate cybersecurity strategy. From secure operating system designs to developing vulnerability assessment techniques, Gary has experience with various areas of the cybersecurity landscape and understands the need for cyber safety across all aspects of business.

Gary recognises that cybersecurity is a growing consideration in the satellite industry, just like in any other business.

“Satellites are just another node on the network, and it is certainly an area that we strive to protect against security threats or cyber breaches. Which is why Inmarsat has built a resilient ground infrastructure based on redundancy and reliable failover to mitigate against any cyber incident throughout our network infrastructure”, he says.

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