Federal News Radio goes one-on-one with Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

Probably the word that best describes the topic of satellite communications is “insatiable.”

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

The demand for wireless connections today is certainly insatiable – whether checking for messages at a baseball game  or having access to a cell phone if you are tasked with assisting in a disaster. The second scenario is where Inmarsat fits in.

An argument can be made that federal information professionals are among the most international in the world.

Remote areas

They are responsible for not only embassies (the easy part) but also for military and disaster missions that can be in some of the most remote areas of the world. If you add a security component to this endeavour, then setting up secure and reliable satellite communication for ‘govies’ all over the world is a daunting task.

In an all-inclusive interview between John Gilroy, host of Federal News Radio’s “Federal Tech Talk” programme, and Inmarsat’s SVP, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, the current trends in the U.S. government satellite communications industry and the critical role that Inmarsat fulfils are discussed.

This 40-minute interview is broken into four sections: an introduction to Inmarsat and its significance to the U.S. government market and the role commercial satellite communications play within the government; benefits of Global Xpress; current challenges and opportunities with SATCOM integrated architecture and procurement; and industry predictions.

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