Inmarsat’s ground-breaking IsatHub service makes Latin American debut in Panama

IsatHub is the most powerful, portable solution available for connecting smart devices when beyond the reach of terrestrial mobile and fixed networks

Inmarsat partner MVS USA to offer new service in Latin America

Panama is to become one of the first countries in Latin America to offer Inmarsat’s transformational IsatHub service; the most powerful, personal smart device connectivity service, which enables users beyond the reach of terrestrial mobile and fixed networks to talk, text, access the internet and apps using their own smartphones and tablets.

Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite services, launches commercial services for IsatHub worldwide in September 2014.

MVS USA, a leading Inmarsat distribution partner in Latin America with the ability to serve customers in nine different languages, unveiled the game-changing new service to clients today (29 August) at a special launch event at the Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis, Panama City. MVS’s local partner, Innovatio TSEM, a company providing tactical and operational solutions in telecommunications, security, energy and media, will provide IsatHub clients in Panama with 24/7 customer service, sales and technical support in Spanish. Innovatio TSEM operates from Panama, but also serves other countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

“Panama’s impressive growth rate, dollarized economy, the expansion of the Panama Canal now underway and the rising importance of Copa Airlines as a regional airline have combined to make the country an increasingly important hub for business, increasing the demand for advanced voice and data technologies, such as those offered by the new IsatHub service,” said Deborah Deffaa, Chief Executive Officer of MVS USA.

The new service is accessible via the Wideye iSavi terminal from Inmarsat’s manufacturing partner AddValue. A small, lightweight terminal (less than half the size of a standard laptop), iSavi can connect to any iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch or Android device via Wi-Fi. Using the IsatHub control app on their smart device, users can gain access to the IsatHub service, allowing them to use both its data capabilities and dedicated high-quality voice line.

Once the IsatHub connection is established, it provides a personal and secure network up to 30m (100ft) from the terminal. The control app has additional features such as set-up assistance, full control over additional device access, as well as visibility of data usage from each device sharing the IsatHub connection.

The IsatHub voice app enables users to make and receive voice calls on their device via IsatHub’s dedicated high-quality voice line, as well as sending and receiving text messages, even if the device is for Wi-Fi use only. The IsatHub control app and voice app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

“You could be a thousand kilometers from the nearest mobile network and still connect to the rest of the world for applications ranging from video calls to accessing your emails,” said Drew Brandy, Vice President of Strategy & Development, Inmarsat Enterprise. “For companies, this means that employees can stay productive and in contact regardless of whether they are in a mobile signal ‘blackspot’ or in an area simply not covered by a cellular or terrestrial network.”

IsatHub features the highest data rate of any equivalent service, with standard IP data up to 240/384kbps (send/receive) in addition to a dedicated, high-quality voice line.

IsatHub connects to the outside world via the award-winning Inmarsat-4 (I-4) mobile communications satellite constellation, which is used by governments, businesses, broadcasters, humanitarian agencies and many others to ensure voice and data connectivity on land, at sea and in the air, right across the world. The Inmarsat-4 fleet of satellites operates globally except for extreme polar regions, with an average availability of 99.9 per cent.

Local users of Inmarsat’s global mobile satellite communications solutions include; humanitarian aid organizations; journalists reporting from the field; companies operating in the mining, oil & gas, maritime industries; electricity utility companies; adventure tourism market; agriculture and other organizations whose activities take them to areas on land, air or at sea, where terrestrial communications are either unreliable or non-existent.

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