From this year, all companies with 250 or more employees in the UK are required to publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap.

At Inmarsat we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive. We don’t just want diversity, we need it to manage complexity and to deliver new levels of innovation and creativity demanded by the digital world. We are fully supportive of the drive to be more open and transparent about gender pay, and the focus this brings on driving improvements.

At Inmarsat, at the time of reporting*, we have 756 employees in the UK, 69% of whom are men and 31% are women, compared to 75% male employees in a typical high-tech company**. Our analysis shows that overall the gap between men and women’s earnings is 24.5% (mean) or 24.4% (median) based on hourly rates of pay at the snapshot date of 5th April 2017.

Like many other technology companies our gap reflects our challenge to attract men and women in equal numbers. In fact, our analysis shows that if we had equal numbers of men and women at each organisational level, the gap would be reduced to 8.5%. This 8.5% differential itself a reflection of the types of roles men and women are doing within Inmarsat – we typically have more men than women in disciplines such as engineering and business development, which tend to be higher paid in the market than functional roles where we tend to have more women.

Whilst there may be understandable reasons for the gap, we are keen to rectify the balance as part of our new diversity and inclusion plan. The plan has been developed to create an environment that supports women to thrive through flexible working practices, enhanced  development and progression through mentoring and high-potential programmes to help accelerate careers. It also includes our active involvement and commitment to STEM education programmes, the Digital Gender Divide and the UN Equals group.  We will be sharing more detail about our plan with you later in the Spring.

* On 5 April 2017 (Snapshot date for gender pay reporting)
** Mercer 2016 Gender Pay in the UK High-tech Industry report