Communicate across multiple agencies

By delivering an inter-operable communications capability, Inmarsat facilitates the all-informed view required across multiple organisations.  Access to voice communications and the internet is often taken for granted, but not where the rebuilding of a nation is the strategic objective.

Our broadband-based solutions make essential access possible for stabilisation advisers and specialists operating across the globe.

Deliver messages to a nation reborn

Our global voice and broadband services help a new government to deliver a message of safety and hope to its citizens. Using BGAN, these messages can be delivered through multiple channels, including blogs, social media and the internet.

BGAN provides an immediate solution that meets the needs of government and the expectations of the population.  As a quick impact solution, it can meet all voice and data needs during the first tentative steps for a new administration.

Provide a long-term solution

The prolonged stability of a nation reborn is not achieved overnight.  And putting in place critical infrastructure can take years or even decades.

With IsatPhone Link and BGAN Link, we can deliver simple, cost-effective, fixed satellite broadband voice and data services from day one. And they can remain there for as long as necessary, including long after terrestrial infrastructure has arrived.

Inmarsat services in support of stabilisation activity:
  • Worldwide coverage for deployment in a mobile or fixed-line environment
  • Easy to use and set up with cost-effective long-term solutions
  • Reliable connection on Inmarsat’s trusted and proven network
  • Portfolio of services to meet voice and low or high data rate requirements.

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