Bridging the gap between rural and urban education

With a global focus on improving the quality and availability of education to underserved communities and individuals, never before has the need for remote IP data connectivity been greater in increasing the adoption of eLearning.

By enabling basic and higher educational organisations to up-skill teachers in rural communities and deliver course content and assessments to students via the internet, it allows the gap between rural and urban education to be eliminated.

Global 3G network

Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global 3G IP network. It provides internet connectivity throughout the world, covering areas that terrestrial or cellular technology cannot reach, or where they are congested or unreliable. This network gives learners, teachers, educational organisations and students the connectivity they need to access education wherever they’re located.

Basic education – connecting remote public schools

Using Inmarsat’s always available BGAN or BGAN Link service, educational organisations can address the shortage of teachers by up-skilling existing teachers in rural locations to provide high-quality basic education to small rural schools.

These services also empower schools to provide connectivity in the classroom, whether it be on an interactive whiteboard, or enabling a school to create a computer lab so that students can access online materials. This powerful connectivity will allow remote and rural schools to:

  • Up-skill teachers
  • Project digital content on to an interactive board
  • Create computer labs with simultaneous users
  • Provide access to school learning management systems
  • Download digital content
  • Undertake assessments online
  • Upload assignments.

Higher education – creating a virtual campus

Technological advancement over the last few years has changed the learning delivery mode from teacher centric to student centric, from face to face to online, and from proprietary content to open source.

Universities can expand their market reach and grow their learner base by enabling students in remote and rural areas to enrol in university online programmes via internet cafe-style community or mobile centres, connected by BGAN or BGAN Link.

This virtual campus lets students:

  • Access university learning management systems
  • Attend virtual classes
  • Download digital content, such as online lecture notes, supplemental materials and presentations
  • Complete online assessments
  • Upload assignments
  • Engage in group discussions and communicate with peers and their lecturers.
BGAN and BGAN Link provide IP broadband connectivity to help meet the increasing global need for eLearning in rural and remote areas
  • BGAN and BGAN Link is delivered by the global Inmarsat-4 network, which operates at 99.9 per cent availability
  • The services are accessed by discreet plug-and-play terminals that are easy to set up with no technical expertise
  • Power consumption is low and batteries, if used, are reacharged from a solar panel
  • Monthly flat rate customised price packages available.
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