Please check the compatibility listings and ensure your terminal is compatible with Inmarsat LaunchPad v5.01

FleetBroadBand Terminals Supported:

  • Addvalue Inmarsat Fleet One
  • Cobham SAILOR Fleet One
  • Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 150
  • Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 250
  • Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 500
  • Furuno Felcom 250
  • Furuno Felcom 500
  • JRC JUE-250
  • JRC JUE-500
  • JRC JUE-251
  • JRC JUE-501
  • Addvalue Skipper 150
  • Addvalue FX150, FX250, FX500
  • Glocom GX9

Inmarsat LaunchPad

Operating System Version Size Download
Windows Vista, XP, 7* and 8* 5.0.11 5.55 MB zip
Mac OSX Intel hardware 5.0.5 8.89 MB zip
Mac LaunchPad 5.0.11 7.77 MB zip
Inmarsat LaunchPad Guide (PDF) 5 2.3 MB pdf
* Requires Java JRE to be installed on your machine.

LaunchPad Earlier versions

Note: Not all terminals listed above are supported. Please refer to documentation for these version to ensure the terminal is supported.

Windows Vista, XP and 7** 5 6.3 MB zip
** Requires Java JRE 6u2 to be installed on your PC.If not already installed LaunchPad will prompt you for Java JRE 6u2 during the install process.You can install Java JRE 6u2 automatically from during the install process or download it above.
If you download Java JRE 6u2 separately please install it before running the LaunchPad installer.
Mac OSX Intel hardware 5 8.4 MB zip
Mac OSX non Intel hardware 3.7.3 30.5 MB zip
Installer for Java JRE 6u2 JRE 6u2 13.2 MB zip