Series 4

What does a Space Antenna Engineer do?

Antennas play a vital part in our daily lives and are at the core of an Inmarsat satellite. In this episode of SpaceBytes, Inmarsat Antenna Engineer Dr Sara Mugnaini talks about her work at the Airbus facility in Toulouse where our next generation Inmarsat-6 F1 satellite is being built and takes us on a tour inside an anechoic Mistral chamber.

What does a Space Systems Engineer do?

Meet Guillaume Marrakchi, Inmarsat Systems Engineer in our next episode of SpaceBytes. Find out why his job is 'awesome' as he follows the journey of a satellite from concept, to build to launch two years later. Discover more about GX-5 too, our new satellite currently being built in the Thales facility in Toulouse to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity for airlines over Europe and the Middle East.

What does a Cyber Security Analyst do?

The front line of a cyber attack is behind a screen not on the street; you can’t see when or where it’s coming from. It’s Inmarsat Cyber Security Analyst James Weston’s job to protect our networks, services and customers from the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber attacks. Find out more about his job in SpaceBytes.

Series 3

How do you make a satellite space-ready?

How do you make sure a satellite can withstand the extreme and harsh environments of space where temperatures can range from -100º to +200ºC? Meet Kristiina Jokela, our Inmarsat-6 F1 Product Assurance Engineer - she's responsible for making our next generation smart satellite, built by Airbus Defence and Space, fit for its space mission!

What does an Inmarsat Interactive Developer do?

Meet Jose Pereira, Inmarsat’s Interactive Developer - based at our London HQ in the heart of Silicon Roundabout, he’s busy creating VR and AR scenario tools and apps to showcase how our satellites and services are creating global impact, helping people to communicate across land, sea & air.

Meet Juan Medel, Inmarsat Spacecraft Controller

Meet Juan Medel, Inmarsat Spacecraft Controller. His job involves looking after our fleet of 13 satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Find out more about his job, putting people in touch 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Meet Ground Station Engineer Danilo di Battista

Meet Danilo di Battista, Ground Station Engineer at the Fucino Telespazio Space Centre in Italy. He looks after the Global Xpress antenna that connects our satellites in space to terrestrial users – and he loves his job... and motorcycles!

What does it take to become a space lawyer?

What does it take to become a space lawyer? From branding and trademark registration to spacecraft and satellite launch deals, we catch up with Edward Parkin, Inmarsat's VP of Legal Affairs to find out more in SpaceBytes.

Meet Senior Flight Dynamicist Nick Matthews

In our third series of SpaceBytes, we catch up with Senior Flight Dynamicist Nick Matthews to discover how he keeps our 13 satellites where they are supposed to be - one tenth of the distance to the Moon.

Series 2

Meet an Inmarsat Payload Engineer.

It's the final episode of this series and we meet cyclist and Inmarsat Payload Engineer Ben Moore. After working on the development of the I-5 F4 satellite he is keen to follow the progress of the spacecraft now that it is in space.

What is a Network Operation Centre Controller?

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in our Network Operation Centre? Our NOC Controller (and part-time photographer!), Josh Kennedy, discusses his passion for satellite networks and why getting a job in Inmarsat was “a dream come true” in our latest episode of Space Bytes.

What does a Payload Engineer do?

Who knew that a passion for LEGO as a child would lead to a career in space? Meet Jeremiah Hsu, one of our Payload Engineers for our European Aviation Network satellite. He is responsible for the communications hardware and radio equipment on the spacecraft that will power inflight Wi-Fi for passengers flying over Europe. And he’s pretty good at paddle boarding too!

What does a Flight Dynamicist do?

Neville Fenn is part of the Inmarsat Flight Dynamics' team. He talks about the importance of time in his work and play and how one second can make all the difference to the coordination of a satellite in geostationary orbit. If you're interested in a space industry career Neville also shares a few words of wisdom!

What is a Payload Engineer?

Meet Eva Gonzalez, Inmarsat's Manager of Advanced Payloads Projects. She grew up looking towards the stars and her passion for space led to a career working in the industry. Discover more about her job and love of satellites in the second instalment of Space Bytes - Inside Inmarsat.

What is a Flight Dynamics Engineer?

In the second series of Space Bytes, we take a look inside Inmarsat at the work our talented scientists and engineers are doing. In the first episode meet Flight Dynamics Engineer Jenny Kyan, who explains more about her job looking after our constellation of satellites in geostationary orbit.

Series 1

The Network Operations Centre

It’s been described by the BBC as one of the top five control rooms of all times. Watch the last episode in the current series of Space Bytes to find out more about the ‘nerve centre’ of Inmarsat - the Network Operations Centre.

What is a satellite platform?

Each of our Inmarsat-5 satellites lights up around a third of the globe and uses Boeing’s largest satellite platform. But what is it?

What’s the lifespan of a satellite?

John Burley, Inmarsat’s Space Analyst, explains how long a Global Xpress satellite lasts, what a satellite graveyard is and where to find one, in our latest episode of Space Bytes.

How much does a satellite weigh?

Each of our Inmarsat-5 satellites is about the height of a double decker bus and has a wingspan similar to a Boeing 737, but how much do they weigh?

Do satellites ever collide?

1,100+ active satellites in orbit and millions of pieces of space junk could cause catastrophic damage. So why don’t satellites crash?

How do you launch a satellite?

Ever wondered how satellites are launched? We explain it all in the first of our new video series called Space Bytes.