Inmarsat Certified

By using SatVUE Remote Satellite Monitoring System instead of expensive, traditional, manual data collection methods, you can alleviate safety concerns regarding site access, save time and money and avoid unnecessary site visits for data retrieval, maintenance and monitoring purposes. SatVUE also allows increased visibility of data, because data collection can be conducted more frequently.

Pacific Data Systems developed SatVUE to be used with Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro and because Inmarsat’s award-winning global satellite network covers almost the entirety of the earth’s surface no matter where your assets are located, we can provide data monitoring solutions which fit your tracking and monitoring requirements.

SatVUE by Pacific Data Systems overcomes expensive remote data collection processes and replaces them with digital, cutting-edge data sharing for any business application from oil and gas pipeline management through to environmental science. Professionals from almost all industries could use SatVUE to collect and share data. Aid agencies could use SatVUE to monitor safety of field teams, while it could also be used for mining, transportation, utilities and construction purposes.

SatVUE allows remote access via a dedicated web portal. The web portal enables you to download data and generate reports. There is also a bird spike kit included to keep the top of the unit free from wildlife and the system can be solar powered, which makes it both eco-friendly and a reliable source of data connectivity even when standard electrical sources are limited.

As part of our Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, SatVUE has been certified for use over the following Inmarsat services:

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