Swift 64
Swift 64 is a circuit-switched, Mobile ISDN service providing the same high quality speed as terrestrial ISDN.
The symmetric service to and from the aircraft supports one, two or four-channel avionics. Higher bandwidth can be achieved by bonding up to four 64kbps channels together – yielding up to 256kbps or higher with data compression.
Fast, flexible

In its 64kbps-per-channel form, Swift 64 provides ample bandwidth for flight planning, weather and chart updates.

Enhanced data

Optional bonding of channels yields up to 256kbps and data compression allows for optimisation of channel usage by conveying larger amounts of data in the same timeframe.

Secure connections

Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure standards, including STU-IIIb and STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

Global coverage

Delivered within the Inmarsat-3 regional beams.

Readily integrated

Swift 64 offers ISDN and packet-data and is readily integrated with ground-based networks.

Simultaneous operation

Standalone or simultaneous operation with Inmarsat Aero H, H+ and SwiftBroadband through the same high-gain antenna.

For a complete listing of third party solutions that have been certified for use over our network, please visit our solutions page.


Cobham Swift 64 systems have been installed on a range of aircraft and helicopter platforms for transmission of video (typically security or economic surveillance).

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Circuit-switched data in multiples of 64k

Cobham offers a range of high-gain antennas to support Swift 64, both electronically (phased array) and mechanically steered, along with either single or dual-channel Swift 64 capability in a 3MCU Arinc600 package.

With one or two Swift 64 units (four Swift 64 channels) combined with a DLNA, HPA and high-gain antenna, this offers the user voice, ISDN and circuit switched data capability in multiples of 64kbps.

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