SB-UAV (Class 4 Service) enables Inmarsat connectivity on low altitude, long endurance (LALE) unmanned air vehicle (UAV) platforms. The SB-UAV service provides a reliable command and control communications link beyond line of site, as well as a real time feed from the on board payload sensors.
SB-UAV offers a Class 4, single channel ‘always on’ data service up to 200kbps, and can offer streaming class services up to 32kbps.

The service is available on these LALE platforms due to the Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR UAV200 terminal which dramatically reduces the size, weight and power requirement of the terminal. Weighing just 1.45kg and just 24 x 16 x 6cm in size, this terminal provides a step change in satcom capability in these small LALE UAV’s.
Contended IP Data

Over the AVIATOR UAV200 Class 4 terminal, SwiftBroadband delivers an always on connection of up to 200kbps through a single channel.

Reliable Command & Control

Inmarsat’s networks are renowned for their reliability with proven availability above 99.99%.  This provides confidence to provide reliable and effective on the fly command and control from a remote operator for controlling UAV’s beyond line of site.

Real time data offload

Data can be sent back in real time to an operator using specialist compression products. Low resolution images can be transmitted and assessed rapidly and high resolution ‘snippets’ can be requested for further analysis.

Global coverage

SwiftBroadband is accessible globally, except in the extreme Polar Regions.

Secure Communications

Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.


AVIATOR UAV 200 matches the connectivity and performance of larger, class-leading satcom systems, but in a far smaller, lighter and less power-demanding package.

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