LX for Enterprise

Simplicity and efficiency

Simplicity and efficiency are at the core of the service, with competitive plans and terms in place that make it easier than ever to access high-speed broadband on demand. LX ensures seamless communications wherever your business operates, no matter how remote, no matter how often you move, no matter how much data you need.

Global reliability

Our satellite network is truly global, supported by a global terrestrial infrastructure and a global team of satellite communications specialists. The LX service operates with up to 99.5% availability, with the additional option of our resilient and reliable L-band backup included. Unlike other VSAT solutions, LX also gives you the ability to control your Committed Information Rate (CIR), giving you peace of mind that your operation will receive the maximum rate when you need it.

Compact, easy, flexible

Portability of hardware is key to your business being adaptable and agile, so our terminals have been designed to suit your requirements – whether you need a larger, permanent installation or a compact device that can be easily carried.

We also offer a variety of tailored plans to ensure that you will only pay for the connectivity you need, shielding you from unnecessary spending. Longer-term plans, with two to three-year contracts, will also provide significant savings for your business.

Once up and running, you can deploy a terminal and access the LX service anywhere in the world. This capability unlocks true operational freedom, with high-speed connectivity easily accessible whenever you need it.

LX table

LX in action

Mining exploration

Our LX Mission Critical service plan with 99.5% CIR and L-band backup is perfectly suited to the needs of mine exploration operations, giving miners the ability to deploy effective communications anywhere on a remote mine site. Mining engineers can rapidly access connectivity to communicate to head office for a new site on a single global network and platform with the ability to deploy and redeploy communications equipment quickly and effectively.


Our LX Premium service plan is perfectly suited to large-scale growers looking to take advantage of the latest precision farming techniques and technologies. Our global network and platform allows growers to make a single purchase and standardise their ability to enjoy enterprise-grade communications in almost any location around the world in minutes.


Newsgathering is time-critical. Seconds count. News gatherers are increasingly sent to remote locations, often for days at a time during a developing story with the expectation of connectivity. However this expectation is very often far from the reality when, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), 49% of the world’s population remains offline and unable to connect regularly, if at all.

Oil and gas

Energy locations are changing constantly and the site conditions are challenging, making the implementation of terrestrial communications both costly and impractical. Through our advanced Mission Critical LX plan, we deliver trusted business-grade communications (99.5% CIR), offering tailored solutions and a one-stop-shop approach that meets remote upstream requirements including flexible bandwidth, back-to-back terms with energy clients and on/off project availability, all through a single satellite operator providing a truly global footprint.

Aid and NGO

We have worked extensively with humanitarian aid and NGO organisations over the years, becoming the first official partner of Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) in 2000 and partnering with Team Rubicon UK, a military veteran-led disaster response NGO, in 2017 to enhance their capabilities through the provision of satellite communications equipment and extra manpower in the form of volunteers.

Our LX Humanitarian service plan, with its global coverage, low price and minimum one week term, was conceived with the needs of NGOs in mind and is ideally suited to support rapid and unplanned rescue and restoration deployments.

The terminals

Our world-class network of Global Xpress partners manufacture commercial land satellite terminals from 0.6 to 2.4 meters in diameter, whether in a manual configuration or fully automatic. These span the fixed, transportable, ‘flyaway’ and ‘man pack’ terminal types, ensuring your hardware is as portable or permanent as it needs to be.