Aviation safety

Classic Aero services and SwiftBroadband

With the introduction of SwiftBroadband and to reinforce our long-term commitment to aviation safety services, Inmarsat now offers Classic Aero services over the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellites – enabling the simultaneous operation of both through a single installation.

Global coverage over I-3 and I-4 satellites

Classic Aero services are accessible over both the I-3 and I-4 satellite systems. Both offer global coverage, with SwiftBroadband service provided over the I-4 constellation.

Classic services – Aero H

Aero H provides packet data rates of up to 10.5kbps for ACARS, FANS and ATN communications and up to 9.6kbps per channel for multi-channel voice, fax and data links through a high gain-antenna – anywhere in the global beams of the I-3 satellites. As well as safety, applications include passenger, operational and administrative communications.

Classic services – Aero H+

Offers all the features of Aero H, but uses the I-3 regional spot beams and 4.8kbps voice codecs to deliver voice services at lower cost. Outside of regional spot beams, Aero H+ terminals operate in the global beams in the same way as standard Aero H systems. Aero H+ is also available in the full I-4 satellite footprint.

Classic services – Aero I

Uses intermediate-gain antennas and the I-3 regional beams, providing multi-channel voice and 4.8kbps circuit-switched data services. Aero I packet data is also available in the full I-4 footprint.