Vistair airline document management application certified for Inmarsat’s SB-S broadband platform

Inmarsat adds new industry-leading solution to SB-S, the world’s first and only digital airline operations platform

DocuNet™ improves airline compliance, proficiency and safety by delivering real-time information and updates to flight crew using high-speed connectivity

24 January 2019: Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications, has certified Vistair’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application, DocuNet™, for use on its SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) digital aircraft operations platform. The application offers airlines a ‘live’ set of manuals that improve compliance, proficiency and safety.

Airlines flying with Inmarsat SB-S can now utilise DocuNet, combined with Vistair’s CrewNet application, to increase the delivery speed of high-reliance operational and mission-critical information to flight and cabin crews while in the air. By creating real-time manuals, which receive urgent updates as they happen, crews will experience minimum lag time between new information being published and their ability to make use of it.

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DocuNet is the first documentation management application to be certified through Inmarsat’s Aviation Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme, which provides airlines with a range of value-added operational and safety applications. Other CAP real-time applications available on the SB-S platform include flight profile optimisation, weather information, digital navigation charts and aircraft diagnostics and performance monitoring. All of the information is delivered in real-time, thanks to the high speed IP connectivity provided by Inmarsat’s SB-S.

In addition to diversifying the range of third-party applications available through SB-S, the world’s first and only digital airline operations platform, the certifying of DocuNet builds upon the existing partnership between Inmarsat and Vistair.

Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair, said: “Inmarsat’s reputation in the global satellite communication sector is second-to-none, and the CAP Programme not only reinforces their credentials in the aviation space but reaffirms their commitment to making commercial flight safer, more efficient and operationally effective. Supporting the SB-S platform provides Vistair with another means of supporting flight operation improvements and a channel through which innovation is certain to happen.”

John Broughton, Vice President, Safety and Operational Services at Inmarsat Aviation, said: “Vistair is a leader in the EFB world, already serving a customer base of more than 30 airlines globally with DocuNet alone. We have been working closely with them since the launch of our Aviation CAP Programme last year. The addition of this industry-leading solution to the SB-S platform reaffirms our commitment to offer airlines the highest quality applications to drive operational efficiency and enhance safety.

“It reinforces the fact that Inmarsat goes beyond connectivity to deliver a unique set of value-added solutions to support the needs of commercial airlines. With third-party applications tested, optimised and certified for use on SB-S via the Aviation CAP Programme, airlines can focus on the benefits of digitisation without having to worry about integration.”

PHOTO CAPTION:Vistair’s DocuNet™ application, which delivers real-time information and updates to flight crew, has been certified for Inmarsat’s SB-S platform.


Vistair’s DocuNet
Alongside the ability to share real-time graphical, visual and data updates, DocuNet allows pilots and crew to view, search and annotate manuals digitally and instantly via mobile devices. Any revisions are published seamlessly across all devices via incremental updates (requiring less bandwidth), and are instantly visible to all users. The application reduces the manual documentation update cycle from what is typically weeks or months to just hours.

Vistair’s applications are also unique as they allow for personal notes annotated to manuals to be included in any subsequent updates and provide a single view across all platforms, such as EFBs, personal tablets and smartphones.

DocuNet is available on both mobile and integrated EFB platforms, and supports all airframe OEMs, including Airbus and Boeing. It is the only document management system currently used by more than 30 airlines worldwide, with more than 2,000 manuals under management.
Optimising updates digitally via DocuNet™ drives cost savings for airlines. Vistair estimates that an airline flying a mixed fleet of 100 aircraft or more could typically save up to £500,000/$640,000 per year by using the application and full service.

SB-S can also utilise Vistair’s SafetyNet™ safety management system to log ‘real-time’ and ‘on-the-spot’ safety reports, rather than waiting for synchronisation with on-ground Wi-Fi. Risk management and hazard identification are enhanced through faster reporting frequency and ultimately, speed of resolution.

Inmarsat’s SB-S:
SB-S is delivered over the world’s leading L-band constellation, which has underpinned global safety services for almost 40 years. Inmarsat is scheduled to launch two new, advanced L-band payloads to join its award-winning fleet in 2020 and 2021, further cementing the company’s long-term commitment to the highly reliable services it offers over this spectrum.

SB-S entered commercial service in April 2018 as the first and only global aviation broadband solution for operations and safety communications, providing airlines worldwide with unparalleled, secure visibility into their operations. It is in flight with Hawaiian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and United Airlines. It has also been selected by Airbus as a Light Cockpit Satcom (LCS) solution on its A320 and A330 families.

The platform is available through a global network of leading distribution partners including Rockwell Collins, SITAONAIR, and China Transport Telecommunication Information Group Company Limited (CTTIC) / Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) in China. A range of terminal equipment is available from Cobham SATCOM and Honeywell.

Learn more about Inmarsat’s SB-S here and Vistair’s DocuNet™ solution here

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Vistair currently supplies over 10% of the world’s top commercial airlines including Aer Lingus, Air Asia, British Airways, easyjet, Delta Air Lines, DHL, and Qantas, with DocuNet currently used by over 30 airlines worldwide with over 2,000 manuals under management. It is the aviation industry’s leading solution for operational documentation.

The Safety Management System (‘SMS’) suite, comprising SafetyNet and RiskNet, alongside QualityNet, our quality management and audit support solution, is currently deployed by a number of leading carriers including easyJet, Delta Air Lines, and Norwegian; and counts the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force amongst its global user base.

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