How to tackle satellite interference

21 May 2015: Inmarsat is hosting a webinar for the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) on 11 June at 09:00 EST/14:00 GMT to help broadcasters and other satellite users tackle satellite interference.


The free webinar will update participants on the current situation, how it affects broadcasters, and what practical steps can be taken to reduce satellite interference.

Mark Steel, Senior Director User Terminal Development at Inmarsat, and Martin Coleman, Executive Director at IRG will be hosting the event. Additional speakers include Nigel Fry and Cath Westcott from the BBC, who will discuss how this has been achieved by the broadcaster, and the measures it has in place to reduce the effects of interference.

Working tirelessly

“The satellite industry has been working tirelessly to solve the challenge of satellite interference,” said Mark Steel.

“With a number of initiatives and technology now in place, although the industry still has a way to go, it is vitally important that users, including broadcasters, ensure they are doing their part to remain interference-free.”

Martin Coleman added: ““We are hoping this webinar will give broadcasters useful, practical advice which they can put into practice to ensure they are as interference-free as possible.

Excellent speakers

“We have a line up excellent speakers who understand the challenges, including the advantage of first-hand experience from one of the world’s largest broadcasters, the BBC.”

IRG is a leading organisation that works to reduce satellite frequency interferences and comprises two advisory committees with members from across the satellite industry.

If you would like to register for the webinar or for further information follow the link: