How SATCOM as a Service is helping to modernise the DoD

19 September 2016. In a byline published in the September issue of MilsatMagazine, Inmarsat’s Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch discusses the importance of incorporating the SATCOM as a Service – end-to-end managed service everywhere — capability into the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) integrated architecture to redefine the way the government employs and acquires commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM).

As a result of the DoD struggling to address modernisation requirements within spending limits, the DoD is closely monitoring the commercial sector as a means of implementing innovation, augmenting their SATCOM capabilities and reducing the strain of an overstretched and essentially flat budget.

SATCOM as a Service allows users to leverage COMSATCOM for core functions, while seamlessly integrating with military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) to address any remaining gaps for optimal redundancy, diversity, protection, scalability and global portability.

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