Partners’ Global Xpress land terminals reach significant testing milestone

Inmarsat’s technology partners Paradigm Communications and Skyware Technologies have successfully completed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Over The Air Testing (OTAT) of their Global Xpress® (GX) terminals.

The terminals are designed for enterprise and government users, ranging from civil government and defence forces to banking and finance, and non-governmental organisations.

Successful completion of FAT and OTAT allows both manufacturers to complete actions for final Type Approval.

Game-changing GX

The milestone comes just two months after the first satellite in Inmarsat’s game-changing GX constellation, Inmarsat-5 F1, achieved commercial service introduction.

The fleet of three GX satellites, currently scheduled to be fully deployed by the end of the first half of 2015, will create the world’s first globally available Ka-band, mobile high-speed broadband satellite network, providing high-throughput services on land, at sea and in the air.

“Global Xpress is perhaps the most ambitious and exciting programme in Inmarsat’s history and the fact that we have passed these significant milestones on schedule is down to the immense dedication and skill of both Inmarsat’s GX team and our partners,” said David Schoen, Vice President, Product and Service Development at Inmarsat.

Exceeding expectations

“The successful testing demonstrates yet another substantial step forward in the journey towards worldwide commercial service introduction of GX. We look forward to the equally successful completion of the final phases of testing.”

Jon Godfrey, General Manager of Paradigm Communications, said: “Over two years of design and development by Paradigm’s talented hardware and software teams have allowed Paradigm to exceed Inmarsat’s expectations of their design and feature requirements.

“Inmarsat’s customers will be pleased with the ease of Connect Terminal installation, made simple by the powerful features of the PIM, which can also be easily paired with other GX-compliant Ka-band antenna systems.”

High-value solutions

David Geen, Vice President Tactical Ground Systems, Skyware Technologies, said: “We are pleased to have passed this important milestone in the launch of our ATOM and SKY terminals for Global Xpress. We will soon be adding the ATOM 99 and ATOM 65 Auto to the GX portfolio.

“It is our goal to deliver high-value terminal solutions to customers with demanding requirements for ruggedness, reliability and ease of use. Skyware Technologies’ customers benefit from our long history in Ka frequency platform design and this has resulted in a terminal line-up that we are proud to deliver to them.”

Both companies have already developed terminals for GX which have previously completed FAT and OTAT.

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