IsatPhone Pro full specification revealed for first time

IsatPhone Pro, which is being launched in June, will offer users reliable global coverage, long battery life, a robust handset, clear voice quality and ease of use – all at a highly competitive price.

The overall specification is unmatched in the satellite phone market.

Longest battery life
IsatPhone Pro will offer the longest battery life available – with up to 8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours on standby.

It will be the most robust satellite phone available – dust, splash and shock resistant, with an Ingress protection rating of IP54 and capable of operating in the most extreme temperatures from -20?C to 55?C.

It is also the only global satellite phone to support Bluetooth and the handset can be placed on its side to allow hands-free use. In terms of features, it will also have voicemail, text and email messaging, and location data will be available for users to look up or send in a text message.

Competitive airtime
The handset has an intuitive GSM-style interface with a high-visibility colour screen, and a larger keypad for easy dialling in gloves.

The suggested retail price for IsatPhone Pro is US$699, although pricing promotions are expected to bring the end-user price to US$500-600. In addition, it will offer competitive retail airtime rates of around US$1 per minute.

Helen Stalker, commercial director of Global Satellite Phone Services at Inmarsat, said: “IsatPhone Pro raises the game in the satellite phone market. It works in just about any conditions, from rain storms to dust storms, from tropical humidity to freezing blizzard.

New distribution partners
“It has a long battery life you can rely on when you're in the middle of nowhere, a totally reliable global network connection with clear voice quality, and it's something that anyone can pick up and use. And users will get all of this at the most competitive price point in the market.

“What's more, it comes from Inmarsat, the market leader with the only global satellite network with an operational life into the 2020s. This really is the ultimate combination.”

A total of thirteen distribution partners, covering all geographic markets around the world, have now been selected to sell IsatPhone Pro. This includes the two most recently confirmed partners – Korea Telecom and RRSat.

IsatPhone Pro is targeted primarily at professional users in the government, media, aid, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors.

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