Inmarsat launches open technology strategy

20 January 2015: Inmarsat is inviting application developers to use its technology platforms to help change the way satellite communications are implemented on land, at sea, and in the air.


Open platforms have revolutionised the technology industry, increasing levels of innovation and creating new opportunities for developers and businesses alike. By opening up its own technologies, Inmarsat is harnessing this culture of innovation as part of the development of the next generation of global mobile satellite technology and applications.

The new strategy, to be announced today at the first Inmarsat Developer Conference (IDC), will give the growing developer community the freedom to utilise Inmarsat technologies to develop forward-thinking and bespoke applications.

Hyper-connected future

During the three-day event, over 300 software, hardware and application developers will have the opportunity to hear about Inmarsat’s strategy – both long term and for the coming year – as well as meet other companies, developers and organisations from across the world that are already using Inmarsat’s infrastructure to develop business solutions. Delegates will also learn how to become an Inmarsat developer through the Certified Application Partner programme.

Ian Kennedy of Cisco, a key strategic partner of Inmarsat, will deliver the keynote speech on ‘Disruptive Innovation in a Hyper-connected Future’.

Representatives from Inmarsat’s Maritime, Enterprise, Aviation and Government business units will highlight the biggest growth areas for satellite communications, helping developers to pinpoint the best ways to utilise the open platforms.

Cutting edge

Michele Franci, Inmarsat’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “We recognise the constant need for people and things to be connected regardless of time or location. We have been providing global mobile connectivity for decades and want to leverage this position to facilitate the development of new applications, enhancing the way in which people interact with our technologies.

“Our new open technology approach, based on building blocks made easily available, will allow both new and existing partners to take advantage of our cutting edge technology, particularly Global Xpress, as a platform on which to build bespoke applications in new areas.

“This is the first IDC we have held and I personally look forward to welcoming new developers into our already impressive community.”

The event runs until 22 January at Inmarsat’s headquarters in City Road, London.