Inmarsat appoints Citrix as CAP for CloudBridge

04 December 2014: Citrix, a leader in business mobility solutions, has been appointed as an Inmarsat Certified Applications Partner (CAP) for its Citrix CloudBridge™ application.

Citrix CloudBridge will initially support Inmarsat’s award-winning BGAN service, which is used around the world and across a broad range of markets, including the oil & gas, energy, utilities, media and humanitarian sectors.

“Real-time connectivity is an important enabler of productivity and users frequently need to work in environments with high interactivity, rapid response times and unfettered access to multimedia content,” said Nadeem Khan, Inmarsat’s Global Head of Enterprise Applications Development. “However, not all applications and services are designed for use over satellite networks. Our work with Citrix is crucial in the delivery of optimised applications and services to our customers in remote locations around the globe.

Removing barriers

“By working together, Citrix and Inmarsat have removed potential barriers to accessing applications for use over satellite, which ultimately offers an improved virtual desktop experience with built-in satellite optimisation for end-users. Customers using Inmarsat’s BGAN service will now be able realise the benefits that Citrix provides to enterprise users, including optimised real-time access to corporate applications, securely and globally, using satellite connectivity.”

The appointment of Citrix as an Inmarsat CAP for CloudBridge is part of the company’s on-going strategy to establish a powerful and trusted relationship with the global applications and solutions community.

We are delighted that Citrix CloudBridge is now an Inmarsat certified application,” said Chalan Aras, Vice President and General Manager, CloudBridge Product Group at Citrix. “This represents the enhancement of an important relationship for both organisations and underlines the added value Citrix CloudBridge delivers to enterprises that require the global connectivity offered by Inmarsat.”