Inmarsat and SITAONAIR to bring new levels of inflight connectivity to Aircalin

24 September 2018: Aircalin airline is to offer its passengers unprecedented levels of inflight connectivity via SITAONAIR’s Internet ONAIR, powered by Inmarsat’s award-winning GX Aviation inflight broadband service.

The airline, based in the French territory of New Caledonia, has plans to renew its fleet with A330-900s and A320neos within the next three years, as part of its Aircalin 2021 strategic development programme.

The programme, initiated on behalf of the airline’s major shareholder the New Caledonian government, will enable Aircalin to offer an increasing number of flights and new destinations, alongside the island group it currently serves – Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Digital lives

As part of a strong commitment to provide passengers with the best-possible inflight experience, Aircalin approached aviation-technology pioneer SITAONAIR to secure the use of its award-winning Internet ONAIR delivered over our award-winning Ka-band satellite network to seamless, high-speed connectivity at all times.

“Our passengers are increasingly demanding ‘at home’ internet capability during flights, so that they can carry on with their digital lives without interruption,” commented Aircalin’s CEO, Didier Tappero. “And SITAONAIR’s GX Aviation-enabled Internet ONAIR will provide Aircalin passengers with remarkable connectivity.”

Internet ONAIR over GX Aviation supplies much more than just a fast and reliable connection. Aircalin can now bring its passengers an exceptional level of personalisation and interactivity – delivering a truly innovative and forward-thinking inflight connectivity experience.

Connected aircraft

SITAONAIR’s CEO, David Lavorel, comments: “With the deployment of Internet ONAIR on its new aircraft, Aircalin is really setting out its stall as a new-generation flight provider.”

“We know the importance of the connected aircraft, and are confident that, going forward, Aircalin’s passengers will draw immense satisfaction from their inflight experience.”